Saturday, October 28, 2006


My Credit Card Hurts

I was planning on making my next post about knitting, maybe even the projects that I've finished recently (a lovely shawl and a wine cozy from Handknit Holidays). Perhaps I could have even posted about how much fun I had last weekend teaching my mother-in-law to knit again. However, I've had school so it hasn't happened. This, however, I have to post about.

It all started the other day I picked up a copy of Interweave Knits holiday edition because I saw a couple or neat patterns in it. In the store I was showing my husband some of the patterns (he's really nice about putting up with my knitting) and we saw the felted pears. He actually took an interest in them. This was amazing as he normally couldn't care less about anything decorative. (Owning a cat that gets into everything and a large dog with a powerful tail tends to do this to people.) So, since he actually thought they were neat (mostly because they weren't breakable and you can play catch with them in the house...) I figured I'd stop by the yarn store and pick up some yarn for them while we were out running errands in the area. One of those errands involved dropping off a wedding gift (including the felted wine cozy) to some friends who got married last week. We had planned on just dropping by, but then we all got to talking until after the yarn store closed at 5. We left shortly after 5 and I decided that I wanted to at least hit a local bead store to pick up some beads for an Odessa hat that I've been wanting to knit with the yarn left over from the Swallowtail Shawl. We went to a nearby bead store only to find that the had recently decided to stop selling any yarn and so they had marked down all of the yarn by 50%. Not only that, but magazines, patterns, books and needles were buy 1 get 2 free!!! I figured "what the heck, it won't hurt to look to see if they have anything that would work for the pears..." so I went back. After all, the store was closing in 30 minutes, how much damage could I do...(famous last words, I know).
They had a ton of yarn, some of which was really good. They also had some of the larger double point needles that I've been meaning to pick up because I'm really getting into this whole felting thing. When I looked around for my husband to reach some stuff for me I saw him looking at a magazing, it was Interweave Knits Summer 2006, I've been wanting it for a month now but couldn't find it. I asked him if he saw anything that was neat and he started showing me patterns so I set him to work finding two more magazines while I stood there talking myself out of yarn. All in all I did pretty well and only spent $75. It would have been less, but they had some yarn that is perfect for mittens (it looks purple in the picture, but its really a tweedy dark blue) and Koigu KPM which I've been dying to try...

I have too much yarn, I had too much before, but now I really have too much. Plus I have new pattern ideas that I want to try, even though I have two projects for my mom waiting to be started. Thus the yarn is back in the bag, for now at least.
But its calling to me, I found some beautiful tan, wool yarn that will be perfect for a sweater with a colorwork yoke. The yarn was $2.25/ball, and they had 900m of the stuff. The first thing I did when I got home was to pull out all my scraps of yarn to see if I had anything that I could use to start the sweater tonight. Luckily my DK stash is slightly depleted at the momment so I was able to resists...
Its hiding for now, maybe I can last...

Silly Theresa. Remind me to tell you about the geeky cross-stitch project I'm slowly putting into motion now, you will be amused.
If you want to come up to my place again on Friday I can show you my yarn. It is much prettier in person, the flash did strange things to some of the colors. I'm debating going back on Tuesday for some more of some of the lime green yarn. I'm thinking that I need to make felted boxes for organizing stuff. (You know, like all my yarn...)

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