Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Eeep! UFOs

Yes, I'm still alive, but between school stuff, traveling, Christmas presents and life in general I really haven't much time to post. I've been knitting and I've even taken pictures of the stuff I've knitted (when I remembered), but I haven't gotten online to post them...I'm hoping to do that later this week.

While I was reading my normal blogs I came across the UFO Resurection Challenge 2007 (I can't figure out how to do buttons yet) and decided to give it a go since I still have projects left from high school...After rather a lot of digging I managed to come up with 12 projects, though some of them were crochet. This made me wonder as I thought I had a lot more. Then I remembered the boxes under the coffee table and the couch exploded...

Believe it or not I am now easily up to 20 projects (including the two afghans that the rest are sitting on), and though some of these are pretty quick and easy there are still several sweaters to be considered. My plan will be to start one of the faster projects each month and then to move to a larger project when I've finished it so that I can hopefully get more than one done some months...

After some thought (or just grabbing the easiest...) I've decided that the first project I'm going to finish is the sweater vest for my sister. I started this project towards the end of last summer and still haven't finished it. It is knit using a polar weight yarn on size 13 needles and has been langishing mostly done for months. (When I say mostly done I mean I have to knit a facing on one armhole and sew in the loose ends, I'm just easily led astray by shiny objects and new projects...) Now, off to knitting land to beat some of those UFOs into submission (I'll try to actually post when I finish.)

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